Anorexia Nervosa

The severe psychiatric disorder known as anorexia nervosa (AN) is characterized by energy restriction, fear of weight gain, behaviour that prevents weight gain, and disturbances in body image. AN frequently has a high mortality rate and is accompanied by co-occurring psychiatric disorders like mood and anxiety disorders. Inadequate physical health can result from malnutrition brought on by AN in all body systems.

Women are more impacted than men by this issue. It usually starts in adolescence. What triggers anorexia is a mystery to experts. Regular dieting often serves as the starting point. In the end, it might result in an extreme and unhealthy weight loss. You might turn to extreme dieting and food restriction techniques out of fear of gaining weight

Anorexia comes in two forms:

Restrictor type: This type of anorexia causes people to severely restrict their food intake. Typically, this includes foods high in fat and carbohydrates.


Characteristics of a bulimic (purging and bingeing) person: Patients with bulimia overeat and then make themselves throw up. They might take copious amounts of laxatives or employ other techniques to get their bowels moving.

Experts agree that anorexia nervosa cannot be prevented. Proactive attitudes and behaviours towards food, exercise, weight, and appearance among family members may be beneficial. There are many ways that adults can assist teenagers to develop their sense of self. This includes your volunteer work, interests, and academic endeavours. Pay attention to pursuits unrelated to outward appearance.

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