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Workshops can help individuals cope with mental health issues and benefit various organizations, including corporates, schools, and colleges. Our workshops foster mental wellness, equipping employees, students, and staff with tools to manage anxiety and stress. Cultivate a supportive, health-conscious culture within your organization.

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Ms. Tanya Jawa was the facilitator for a stress and anxiety management workshop that was conducted online during the peak of Covid-19. The workshop was a great help to the employees who were dealing with a lot of stress on a daily basis. Ms. Jawa provided different techniques and strategies that employees could use to manage stress in their everyday lives.

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Stress management workshop

was conducted with the help of fun activities to help employees understand different reasons for stress and how to overcome them. The interactive session was designed to encourage participation, and employees were able to ask questions and have their doubts answered during the process.

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Live Discussion/Collab with Arjun Gupta

A live discussion was held on the topic of relationships and life transitions. The discussion was insightful and covered the problems that people face during these life transitions and how to cope with them. The conversation was lighthearted and fun, and participants were able to learn practical tips for dealing with life’s challenges.

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