Why You Should Still Try Therapy Even if You’re Not Sure About it

Many of us grapple with the decision to seek professional help for our mental well-being. However, there are compelling reasons to consider therapy, even if you’re uncertain.

It’s completely normal to feel hesitant about starting therapy, and there are several reasons why you may hold back. Some people fear being judged or shamed, worrying that their therapist or others may see them as weak or incapable. Financial concerns also play a significant role, as many people struggle to afford therapy sessions. Additionally, there’s often uncertainty about what the therapy process will be like, and some may doubt the efficacy of mental health treatment.

It’s important to recognise that these concerns are valid, but they shouldn’t prevent anyone from seeking the help they need. Therapy can offer numerous benefits, including improved mood, reduced anxiety and depression, and enhanced relationships. Taking that first step can lead to a greater sense of well-being and improved quality of life.

There are compelling reasons to consider therapy, even if you’re uncertain. Here’s why…

What are Some Common Reasons People Resist Going to Therapy

People often resist going to therapy for various reasons, including:

  • Fear of judgement or shame
  • Financial concerns
  • Uncertainty about the therapeutic process
  • Societal stigmas surrounding mental health issues
  • Desire for a “quick fix”
  • Feeling that investing in happiness is “frivolous”
  • Pride and difficulty admitting the need for help

Despite these reservations, therapy can be a powerful tool for improving mental health and overall well-being. It’s essential to address these barriers and recognize the benefits of seeking professional help to overcome them.


Why You Should Still Try Therapy

Before we dive into the reasons and gyan, we’d like to introduce you to someone.

Riya had been in a relationship with her partner for three years, but things had been rocky lately. She realised that they were fighting more often, and she felt like they were growing apart. She didn’t know what to do, but she was hesitant to try therapy. She had always been taught that therapy was for “crazy” people, and she didn’t want to be seen that way.

However, after some encouragement from a friend, she decided to give it a try. She found a therapist who specialised in relationship counselling and started attending sessions. At first, it was difficult for her to open up, but as she continued to attend therapy, she began to see improvements in her relationship. She learned how to communicate more effectively with her partner and how to work through their issues together. Through therapy, Riya was able to overcome her reservations and improve her relationship, proving that therapy can be a powerful tool for overcoming relationship struggles!

Our learnings?

It’s Okay to Be Unsure

– It’s natural to feel uncertain about therapy. However, being open to the possibility can be the first step toward positive change.

Therapy Isn’t Just for Crisis

– You don’t need a substantial amount of pain, trauma or dissatisfaction to seek therapy. It can help you understand yourself better, work through difficulties, and enhance your ability to cope with life’s challenges.

All Aspects Have a Chance to be Addressed

– Therapy can be beneficial for various concerns, including grief, trauma, relationship issues, and emotional instability.

It’s NOT a ‘Failing’

– It can provide a safe space to explore your thoughts and emotions, gain coping strategies, and improve your overall well-being.

Therapy – A Routine & Preventive Form of Healthcare

– Seeking therapy is akin to visiting a doctor or a dentist. It’s a proactive step toward maintaining good mental health.

Therapy is a Personalised Journey

– Each individual’s therapy experience is unique. Finding the right therapist and approach can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of the process.

Therapy Can Still Be an Option

– If you’re still experiencing mental health symptoms, therapy should be considered as an option.

A Beacon of Hope

Therapy can be a transformative experience, offering support, guidance, and a path to self-discovery. It’s a brave and proactive choice to prioritise your mental well-being. Even if you’re unsure, being open to the prospect of therapy can lead to valuable insights and personal growth.

Even if you’re not sure about therapy, it’s worth giving it a try. Therapy can help you learn coping skills, improve your relationships, clarify your goals, have a safe space to talk through life challenges, improve your self-esteem, overcome self-doubt, manage stress, address symptoms, and improve your productivity. Remember, therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it may take some time to find the right therapist for you. But with patience and persistence, therapy can be a powerful tool for improving your mental health and overall well-being.

The decision to try therapy, even when uncertain, is a testament to your commitment to a healthy mind and a fulfilling life. Embracing the journey of therapy, with its ups and downs, is a vital step toward nurturing healthy minds and, ultimately, healthy lives.

Above anything and everything, we want to say –

Do it for yourself! 🩷

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