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Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives

At Healthy Minds Healthy Lives, we are passionate about promoting mental wellness and supporting individuals on their journey to a healthier mind and a happier life. With a team of dedicated mental health professionals, therapists, and counselors, we provide comprehensive services and evidence-based treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual.


Empathetic Assistance for Mental Health Challenges

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals and families, helping them overcome challenges, develop resilience, and embrace a fulfilling life.


Find effective support and treatment for depression to regain joy and vitality in life.


Gain personalized strategies and tools to manage ADHD symptoms and thrive in daily activities.


Overcome anxiety with evidence-based therapies and develop resilience for a calmer and more fulfilling life.


Heal from past trauma with trauma-focused therapies that foster resilience and restore emotional well-being.

Sleep Disorder

Regain restful nights and improve overall well-being with tailored strategies for treating sleep disorders.

Personality Disorder

Discover compassionate care and evidence-based interventions for managing and healing personality disorders.


Find relief from OCD symptoms through specialized therapies and regain control over intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.


meet our psychologists

Tanya Jawa
Founder and Sr. Clinical Psychologist

M.Phil Clinical Psychology, M.A. Psychology, B.A. Psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Clinical Psychologist and over looking the smooth functioning and growth of the organisation. Along with ensuring ethical practices

Hobbies -
I'm a coffee connoisseur and an avid reader. Love to swim and play sports!

₹2000/- onwards per session

Gunjan Sandhani
Consultant Clinical

MPhil (Clinical Psychology), MA applied psychology and BA (Hons) psychology

Roles in the organisation -
As a consultant clinical psychologist, I deal with client referrals. I work on client intakes, assessment and psychotherapy maintaining ethical boundaries.

Hobbies -
I enjoy dancing, listening to music, exploring new places while travelling and indulging in the pleasure of reading!

₹1400/- onwards per session

Mahima Sethia

Master's in clinical psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Event management, Reports

Hobbies -
Paintings, listening music, roaming around the city and exploring new places, try to explore something different.

₹800/- per session

Mrigakshi soni
Counseling psychologist

MA in clinical psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Observing sessions, learning new psychometric assessments- making reports, giving new ideas for the organisation for growth, maintaining stories on Wednesday( instagram ), supporting senior clinical psychologist during sessions, if required. Volunteering for workshops.

Hobbies -
Bhangra, EDM music, Punjabi songs, experimenting with creativity, Fashion, shopping, talking to friends, reading consciousness related books.

₹800/- per session

Simran Gupta
Consultant Psychologist

Masters in applied psychology (Counselling psychology), BA in psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Consultant psychologist

Hobbies -
Reading, listening to music.

₹1200/- onwards per session

Michalle goel

Pursuing BA(hons) applied psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Clinical practice intern and research

Hobbies -
Reading, dancing, writing, case formulation  

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-05 at 14.34
Kashish kashyap

Pursuing BA Hons applied psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Clinical practice intern, involved in social media and research

Hobbies -
Sketching, listening to music and studying more about Psychology

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-04 at 14.32
Jiya Singhal

Pursuing BA(hons) applied psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Clinical practice intern and social media intern

Hobbies -
Reading, sleeping and listening to music

Vritti Johar
Counselling Psychologist

B.A. Hons Applied psychology, M.A. Clinical Psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Research, Event management, Hypnotherapist

Hobbies -
Reading, Resin art, watching movies

₹800/- per session

Sneha Gulati
Clinical Psychologist

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, currently pursuing PhD in Applied Psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Handling Clinical Cases, Psychotherapy Sessions along with Psychometric Assessments

Hobbies -
Dancing, Travelling, Learning Alternative Healing techniques

₹1400/- onwards per session

Srishti Jain

Ba hons applied psychology, MA clinical psychology

Roles in the organisation -
Clinical practice intern and research

Hobbies -
Exploring new things, Travel. Writing and reading

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We are a group of experienced professionals – Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, and Psychiatrists.

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